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This untitled map shows the route of the journey made from Siam to Brest by the French Ambassador for King Louis XIV to Siam, Alexandre, Chevalier de Chaumont in 1686.

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As well as the cartographic detail on display the map also features boats from Brazil and the Congo and fishing vessels from Guinea.

Using fire as a way to attract fish to the boat the fishermen then spear the fish using a trident.

One boat has a fire burning inside, with holes to allow smoke into the water, presumably to stun the fish.

In the middle of the map are a group of putti, winged spirits (this time with additional fishes tails).

Usually shown engaged in an activity here they are carrying a piece of Elephant ivory.

Coronelli was a highly acclaimed maker of globes, with commissions from the great families of Europe, Louis the XIV amongst them.


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