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He didn’t even hug me on our first date because hes weird about germs and didn’t know me, lol.

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He is a really nice guy, treats me well, tells me he loves me all the time.

I think I know him pretty well and I just can’t see him trying to find girls to bang.

It took him 2 months to finally put the moves on me when we first started dating, he’s shy in that regard.

He insisted it was just a pop up from a game he played. I will admit- I did some snooping when he left today. We live together and do mostly everything together.

I told him how upset it made me, and he just kept saying, “Do you really think I’m cheating on you? He also had some porn sites open on his phone (it links to his i Pad) and a website called “free f*** find” open. He does go out drinking w/his buddies and stay over their apartments sometimes (like once a month maybe) so he doesnt have to drive.

He does not have passlock codes on his phones/ipad or act suspicious in any way.

He does text a lot but he’ll do it with me sitting next to him.

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I immediately asked him what it was, and he said, “oh it must be an ad I accidentally clicked on”.

So last night, FI was showing me something on his i Pad and I saw a website called “xdating.com” open in another tab.

I told him to click on the tab so I could see what it was, he refused and x-ed it out right away. I don’t and have never suspected him of cheating on me.


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