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You know almost all the characters no need to write them here !

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Each episode features three haunted, iconic items and their owners.

They share stories of how these objects have terrorized them and, in some cases, even killed people.

Bagans interviews the owners and works with them to get to the root of their “attachment,” so they can free themselves…or at least escape harm from these “deadly possessions.” “Robert the Doll/The Dibbuk Box” – Premieres Saturday, April 2 at p.m. In this episode, Robert – the 100 year-old doll who inspired the “Chucky” films – arrives at Zak Bagans’ Las Vegas museum.

The question on the minds of lots of fans is simple...

When will they be able to visit Bagans' museum of haunted objects that was featured in the show "Deadly Possessions"?

Also, it's noted that Ghost Adventures returns on July 16th!

Read the full article on Dread Central Zak has announced a new show, "Deadly Possessions" that is set to premiere on Saturday, April 2 at pm on The Travel Channel.

And the host of the Television show "Paranormal" Name: Aaron Goodwin Age: 35 Date of Birth: April 1st 1976 Height: 6' 2" Birth Place: (this i couldnt find :/) Relationship status: Was divorced but now is dating Victoria Bagans Children: none Pets: nope Friends: like Zak Family: Father and Mother Job: Camera man for the hit show "Ghost Adventures" Name: Nick Groff Age: 31 Date of Birth: April 19th, 1980 Height: um..

i dont know but ima say 6'1" Birth Place: California Relationship status: MARRIED !


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